1. Abstract


Two aspects of science has been overlooked / ignored – and the consequences for our  paradigm fatale.

One of these is an Anisotropic Acceleration / Movement ..
The new WMAP (ESA) here as well as Dark Flow Mystery (NASA) here are both suitable to support the possibility of an anisotropic acceleration / movement must be taken serious. The last WMAP has lead to that ESA / Cambridge doubt whether the Big Bang theory  is basically correct, and in addition to conclude – that the universe seems to have an inexplicable preferred motion direction” – source here and here. This is interesting for this theory ..

The second aspect is that there is sufficient knowledge as well as observation that clearly supports that motion in space not is possible without relativistic resistance. Despite new knowledge still the official understanding relies on a almost medieval faith..


The prevailing view of Newton’s first law, is believed to be a law, although it is obvious that the ‘law’ is not at all proven by the scientific method ..

Overall, the results of these two neglected aspects is that a large part of our picture of the world is based on speculative unproven, and substantially neglected aspects ..

In the following we will critically look at the consequences of what went wrong, and thus the reason why a long list of small and great mysteries such as dark matter and dark flow, can’t adapt to the prevailing paradigm.

Anisotropic Acceleration

If the entire universe is floating in a Dark Flow, it must naturally also be associated with an unknown acceleration as well. Such acceleration will be extremely difficult to detect, because if everything flows in the same direction, there is no static reference points to measure relative to.

However there is an exception. There is good reason to suspect the Allais Effect to be the key to demonstrate the existence of such acceleration . This theory will go into details of this phenomenon and show that Allais effect is now possible mathematical to understand in such a context. It is the first time that Allais effect is mathematical cause-effect described, in line with all the observations related to the phenomena..

Thorough official research in this area is not complete, but only relatively few and random measurements are completed, – in particular in Austria and France in 1999 (NASA), – the result unfortunately was poor.

Extensive research in this specific field can be made for relatively modest means. But unfortunately, is the Allais Effect research the last decade passed over – probably because no one has previously been able to predict the results that should be expected, but also because the relative small number of measurements that have been executed from officials teams – has revealed only very weak and often insignificant anomalies. .
Of course, because nobody until now had any reasonable idea what possible could causing such anomalies, and therefore also no idea when and where to measure.

This article will show why the phenomenon not have been detected systematically and frankly why we have groped in the dark.

If such acceleration is a fact, one of the consequences will be; a paradigm literally in free fall, – this seams to be the price to pay, in order to be able to solve the dark matter mystery.

Relativistic Resistance Against Motion

The second overlooked aspect of science is that movement in space can not happen without relativistic resistance. We have long known that it requires increasing energy (force) to maintain a constant acceleration.
This is a process that we never really understood.
We will see that the phenomenon also applies to objects affected by gravity.

Newton’s first law is a claim built solely on the observation of the solar system …

“Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. .”

Thus in centuries we have uncritical believed that movement in the space could happen unhindered, just no force acts on it. But Newton’s first law is wrong and even warring against both intuition and common sense.

A simple thought experiment will reveal exactly that..

Imagine a stone there for billions of years accelerates in a dark flow. The stone must in accordance with the prevailing belief could reach speed ‘c’, which cannot be anything but pure nonsense – because the stone would then represent infinite energy and therefore infinite mass. Something must slow it down before it reaches this speed, and this ‘something’ is where this theory will dig deeper, to see what could have been overlooked.

It is obviously that we already has been very close to discovering Relativistic Resistance Against Motion (RR). But unfortunately, the key to new physics was swept under the carpet.. read: – “The Pioneer Anomaly: an inconvenient reality or NASA‟s 12 year misconception”  here.
The cause of he Pioneer anomalies, as well as the main part of Mercury’s perihelion anomaly is the same, and both relative easy to verify, – if we really want to ..

Dark Energy, Big Bang and Big Crunch

A simple thought experiment shows that not only distances and time deform in a gravitational field, it may matter also do.

‘A’ live in the basement of a skyscraper, ‘B’ at the top of the same building.
Both have measured the time it took a photon to travel 13 billion. from the very first star and to us..

But A’s clock (deeper in the gravitational field) is as we know ticking slower than B’s clock.
B would argue that it took the photon one minute longer to reach us – than the time A has measured. Simply because B’s clock is ticking faster than the A’s watch. The difference is probably in reality less, but it means nothing , its the same point.

We accept that the speed “c” is the same for both A and B.
When both A and B know the time and speed, A and B can only conclude that either the distance to the star that emitted photon is significantly different, which is utopian, because the universe is not likely to change shape depending on the observer who observes a process .

Otherwise, the conclusion can only be that A’s ruler (in the basement) must have changed (been longer) proportional to the time also been stretching, as a result of A’s watch is deeper in the gravitational field.
Only in this way A and B both can assert that ‘c’ is the same for both (even thou ‘c’ is not comparable the ‘same’..

This must affect everything, as well as any process, as well as atomic processes, and thus at least raise the question whether or not the cause of the gravitational redshift is due to change of the environment, rather than the result of photons are affected by mass attraction on their way out of a gravitational field (which seam to contradict the fact that a photon has no mass, and therefore should not feel any kind of mass attraction).

This question may be crucial in order to be able to reveal whether also the dark energy mystery is based by a profound misinterpretation.


Ultimately, it is necessary to relate to whether the cause of the cosmological redshift – really is understood.

So-called Dark Energy is basically only built on a not documented hypothetical assumption that the cosmological redshift is caused by expanding space.

When one really begin to understand the consequences of the anisotropic movement (and acceleration) of the Universe, it becomes natural to get suspicion to whether the cosmological redshift instead is caused by variation of background gravity, and therefore whether the redshift of the EM spectre, in reality is a phenomena that in the end of the day supports that Big Crunch triggers Big Bang.

From ESA (Cambridge) it is reported that the Big Band theory most likely did happened but the WMAP shows that there may not been a singularity that trigger Big Bang. Rather it is very likely that there was ‘something’ before the Big Bang, read more here

Therefore, one must also ask – what could such ‘something’ be – and what was the cause of a Big Bang in such ‘something’- (other than another collapsing Universe)?

Are Big Crunch and Big Bang succeeding one another in endless cycles?
Is the  cause-effect relationship no more mysterious than to realize the above-described pretty simple mechanisms ?
Could the mechanism that triggers supernova explosions be the same property that also is responsible for that a Big Crunch triggering Big Bang ?.

A Coherent Universe

This theory is not just a collection of random postulates – but basically a coherent grounded theory,- showing the way out – of ‘dark cosmology’.

Initially already in 2017 or 2018  we will see the first sign that an anisotropic motion (Dark Flow) is real. This will happen as a result of a comprehensive test of the theory of relativity.  Among the equipment brought to ISS in 2017  is a new atomic clock . New scientific measurements will soon reveal that relativistic effect (such as time dilation) only can be correct understood in an absolute motion reference frame.  This will reveal that Dark Flow is real, and at the same time also reveal that special relativity never will be the same again.

The next step is therefore naturally also to ask whether an anisotropic acceleration also is true.

After that follows a time – where we have to send more space probes out – specific to test whether travel in space is without resistance. Quite simply because sooner or later we will realize that this aspect obviously needs to be properly and urgent understood. It will be the last important missing piece we desperate will need in order to reach a coherent picture of the universe (much more beautiful, complete, logic and intuitive correct than the previous one).

If there was ‘something’ before the Big Bang, it contradict that the universe started from a singularity (from nothing).. This makes both Big Bang and Dark Energy even more mysterious. – But in fact it is all very simple.

We will see the old paradigm literally disintegrates and replace with a completely new one. With great respect for the last WMAP – and based on new knowledge, provided with this new theory, a long list of mysteries will be solved and science will even also be brought to perfect understanding of what Dark Energy really is and why it is accelerating. All this will be further covered by reading the chapters.

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