12. Dark Energy

Unification of Gravity & Dark Energy.

Space stretching towards matter is the same property of space responsible for the (so-called) expanding Universe, also even though it is the opposite that happens.

Gravity (the so-called curvature of space) is caused due to that matter absorb space, thereby the elastic space structure/density is stretching towards matter.

The opposite happens in a dissolving gravitational field, – during such process the stretching tension of space is released.

Hence the stretching property of space (space stretching towards matter due to gravity) and the cause of cosmological redshift is caused by the same property.

Time is changing proportional with the deformation of space.

The Expanding Space – Supernova’s and the BigBang

The Sun consumes / absorbs / contracts the elastic space-density. Therefore space ‘density’ near matter is lacking. Thus the elastic space ‘structure’ or ‘density’ is stretching towards matter (for example towards the Sun), due to the space-consumption inside the Sun. This mean space between the Earth and the Sun can be compared to a stretched rubber band.

When the Sun suddenly would disappear, it can be compared to that the rubber band suddenly would release its stretch / tension. Whereby the gravitational tension on space is released.

When a gravitational wave hits us, time and distance is changing proportional.


The more compact an object is, the stronger tension of space inside and near the object. Strong tension of space can challenge the strong interaction (the strong force). The tension on space can increase to a such extend that the strong nuclear interaction can no longer keep space contracted, – and a nuclear explosion is a result.  (In the chapter; Quantum physics we will look deeper into how the strong force is responsible for contracting space).


The same law of nature responsible for a Supernova is also responsible for a Big Bang.

So soon gravity (tension of space) of the Universe (or a Supernova) become too strong, central space is affected so much that the strong interaction (the strong force) is outplayed/equalized and a nuclear explosion the result.

Space resist being consumed / contracted / absorbed / deformed.
The tension on space caused by extreme gravity can reach such a level where the interaction no longer can happen (is outplayed).

A Big Bang is release of stretched / tension on space, whereby space will automatically return to a tension free stage.

When the strong interaction is outplayed, release of stretched space begins. This mean space returns to a; natural tension-free state.

How to understand the so called; Expanding Universe..

The (so-called) expanding Universe is not really expanding in the way we are used to think.

The universe has limited mass distribution and therefore also an inward gravitational acceleration directed towards its center exist. It is the acceleration due to gravity of the universe that is responsible for Dark Flow Acceleration (DFA) ..

The collapse of the Universe on the one hand, – and the so-called dark energy, on the other hand – are two opposing forces, both are caused due to change of the elastic streching or shrinking structure of space.

In a Big Bang the four forces of nature ceases to exist whereby the pull / tension of space (automatic) reverses to a tension free stage. Which is to say – that space that previously was absorbed by matter, – is released.

This reverse of the elastic structure of space, happens with the speed of light against all direction opposite the center of dissolving gravitational field’s.

Big Bang does not originate from (a singularity) or from the center of the universe – The cause of Big Bang is a Big Crunch leading to local mass accumulation, bringing entire clusters of galaxy to explode as soon as they reach the point of critical space tension / mass.

While the gravitational tension of space begin to dissolve everywhere in the Universe at (almost) the same time, – not only clusters of galaxies begins to expand, the same thing happens to the whole universe, – this is what we call Dark Energy.  Local events  affect finally the entire gravitational field of the universe, – but it take time. In this process new created mass (astronomic objects) are brought away from the center of the dissolving gravitational field of the universe.

Because the universe is so large, global space-tension release take billions of years. This process still dominate today.

Parallel with the expansion force , the exact opposite also happens right now. Which mean that a parallel process where space contracts., Therefore new increased tension also happens at the same time.  This is due to a oppesite gravitational wave caused when the strong force and gravity was recreated .  But so-called Dark Energy will in a very long period have a lead.

So soon the release of space-tension will lose momentum’, – recreated tension will begin to dominate, and hence be responsible for the opposite process, which mean a new Big Crunch repeats it self.

Decreasing gravity of the Universe is causing time today to tick relative faster than yesterday.

The so-called “expanding Universe” is therefore only time (and distance) deformation impossible directly to observe because everything (also the ruler) always look exactly the same compared to everything else.

All what really happens is deformation of everything also the ruler and even time.

The basic of this theory tells us what gravity really is, – which mean an elastic stretching property of space ‘woven’ together with matter. – Space inside the ruler is no exception, this as well is stretching together with space outside the ruler.

The so-called “expansion” of the universe, is therefore only time & distance deformation / change. This is impossible directly to discover because everything always look the same compared to everything else..

When we compare the deformation of space today, with the deformation 1 billion years ago (etc.), – the distribution of matter hence and the deformation  of space was different 1 billion years ago, – but because both the ruler, distances and time is changing proportional, – we simply can’t discover any differences, simply because we cannot compare distance-time reality today with reality long ago. The only exception is when analyzing the EM- absorption-Spectra created long time ago, – first reaching us now.

This is how to understand the so-called (misunderstood concept); – the expanding Universe., – it is rather a complete distance-time deformation. – It in short, – it is rather a compete reality deformation that happens all the time.

The cause of the accelerating expanding Universe..

While a new universe is created after the BB, gravity is re-created . But the opposite influence, which means release of gravity caused tension (so-called dark energy) happens simountainsly.

Cosmological Redshift

We are so used to the expression; “the expanding Universe” that it will be extremely difficult to change the understanding.  It is “almost” the opposite that happens.

The wave length of the light that have travelled through space from long distance, – is not expanding (redshifted). The truth is that the EM-spectre is nowadays created shorter, – created more blue-shifted, – because time and distances are now comparable shorter in our space-time reality as it once was.

  • Cosmological redshift is a never proven, it is a incorrect conclusion.
  • Photons do never lose energy.
  • Photons do never gain energy.
  • There are no observed expanding distances caused by Big Bang, e.g; also for example not between us and the Moon.
  • No known force could have brought all the energy we know exist in the Universe, – into a point of nothing (Singularity).
  • No known force of nature could had held it there.
  • No known force could have brought it out from that “point” of nothing.
  • Who was pressing the ‘red button’ at the time when the singularity exploded ?

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