5. Dark Matter

Dark Flow Acceleration and Relativistic Resistance

The idea that Dark Matter, is a unknown kind of matter  is an illusion.  Dark Matter is a phenomena caused by the combination between anisotropic acceleration and relativistic resistance against motion.

The first step is therefore to understand how these two aspect of nature affects different kind of movement.

The cause of DFA is unknown, – many believe it is caused by the pull of another universe. According to this theory it is more likely that the acceleration is caused by gravity of our own universe. The maximum possible DFA can based on a dark flow speed at 600 km/s be indirect calculated to maximum 0,000002 m/s² , .


Relativistic Resistance Against Movement (abbreviated RR) will increase as the Dark Flow Speed increases. RR is a decelerating effect and DFA a accelerering effect.  The speed of Dark Flow can only accelerate to the point where RR and DFA equalizes each other, – which happens when the maximum possible Dark Flow speed have reached its limit..

Read more in the book  “Modified Theory of Relativity”


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