10. Gravitational Lensing

The Relation between Acceleration due to Gravity & the Space Density.


We say that space is curving.
But it make more sense to say that space is stretching.


Matter pulls space ‘density’ from both an inwards and outwards direction.


Imagine a inner central area of a galaxy divided into 3 successive areas.

  • One area furthest out ‘A’
  • One area further in ‘B’
  • And one area even further in ‘C’

One could also consider these spheres to represent the inner central area of the Earth.

The matter that is in area ‘A’ is absorbing / consuming and hence “vacuumizing” space here.

This means that the matter that lies deeper in the galaxy (area ‘B’) lies ‘behind’ the outer matter (area ‘A’) and thereby in space that is already somewhat affected (by area ‘A’).
The matter that lies in area ‘B’ and even deeper (in area ‘C’) therefore lies in areas that are becoming more and more deformed as one moves inwards.


When two objects approaching each other, space between is stretching.
Thus one can suspect the ‘structure’ of space to be elastic as well as this is precisely the reason why gravity – is a force, – that Isaac Newton claimed.


Matters requirement of space is causing a “space-density-vacuum”.
Because both the Earth and the Moon pulls space from the area between.
Space between will hence become stronger vacuumized.
This is the cause of mass attraction.

The Thought experiment from the abstract (reproduced below) showed that the ruler must also be extended gradually, the deeper in the gravitational field it is situated.

A live in the basement of a skyscraper, B at the top of the same building.
Both have measured the time it took a photon to travel 13 billion. from the very first star and to us..

But A’s clock (deeper in the gravitational field) is as we know ticking slower than B’s clock.
B would argue that it took the photon one minute longer to reach us – than the time A has measured. Simply because B’s clock is ticking faster than the A’s watch. The difference is probably in reality les, but it means nothing , its the same point.

We accept that the speed “c” is the same for both A and B.
When both A and B know the time and speed, A and B can only conclude that either the distance to the star that emitted photon is significantly different, which is utopian, because the universe is not likely to change shape depending on the observer who observes a process .

Otherwise, the conclusion can only be that A’s ruler (in the basement) must have changed (been longer) proportional to the time also been stretching, as a result of A’s watch is deeper in the gravitational field.
Only in this way A and B both can assert that ‘c’ is the same for both (even thou ‘c’ is not comparable the ‘same’..

All this support that the barycenter of a gravitational field space s stretched , even if no mass is located in the center


Four bodies close to each other will cause stronger
deformed / vacuumized space (space vacuum) between them.


Det er den centrale strækning af rummet det er årsag til linseeffekten

In the cluster Abell 3827 the barycenter has moved left, it is cause by very completely natural causes. This area is therefore more stretched.

But unfortunately, this is misinterpreted to have happened because dark matter have occupied the area. .

Einstein’s postulate claiming that photons are attracted by mass, is never documented.
A large part of general relativity are facing more and more resistance.

  • The general theory of relativity is inconsistent with quantum physics here
  • Black holes are mathematically impossible look here and here and here
  • Black Hole Information Paradox here

Centrally in a gravitational field space is stretched , whereby every process going on there also is stretched (as well as time).

Thus redshift of the EM specter happens as soon as it is created. If the gravitational fields is very strong visible light (seen from our space-time perspective) will change to radio waves.

This means that behind the misunderstood concept ‘event horizon’ – may well exist matter, we just do not see it as visible or infrared light.

Space can be so stretched that the light can shift to radio waves.

So-called singularity, it is mathematical impossible – mass reaching critical mass will lead to explosion long before a singularity can occur..

Our belief in the so-called black holes (in the current version), is also not understood. The real cause of these is DFA that periodical brings orbits to collapse whereby extreme mass collapse is part of the universe completely natural order

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