10. Gravitational Lensing

The Stretching Nature of Space..


We say that space is curving.
But it make more sense to say that space is stretching.


Imagine a inner central area of a galaxy divided into 3 successive areas.

  • One area furthest out ‘A’
  • One area further in ‘B’
  • And one area even further in ‘C’

The matter that is in area ‘A’ is absorbing / consuming and hence “vacuumizing”  (streching) the elastic space here.
This means that the matter that lies deeper in the galaxy (area ‘B’) lies ‘behind’ the outer matter (area ‘A’) and thereby in space that is already somewhat affected (by area ‘A’).
The matter that lies in area ‘B’ and even deeper (in area ‘C’) therefore lies in areas that are becoming more and more deformed as one moves inwards.


When two objects approaching each other, space between is stretching.
Thus one can suspect the elastic nature (woven together with matter) is precisely the reason why gravity – is a force, – that Isaac Newton claimed.

Matters requirement of space is causing a space to stretch.
Because both the Earth and the Moon pulls space from the area between.
Central space tension between will then increase.
This is the cause of mass attraction.

The thought experiment mentioned in the abstract (repeated below) show that the ruler must also be extending its size proportional to the stretch of time, the deeper in the gravitational field it is situated.


Four bodies close to each other will cause stronger even if no mass is located in the center


In the cluster Abell 3827 the “barycenter” has moved between the galaxies, it shows how surrounding matter can stretch central space..

But unfortunately, this is (also) misinterpreted to have happened because dark matter have occupied the area. .

Read more in the book “Modified Theory of relativity”.

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