14. Magnetism

Space in motion

Matter deform space nearby. Hence when matter moves, deformed space nearby matter, – moves too.

Matter = Absorbed space.
A magnetic field = Deformed space in motion

How does a Compass Works?

The way a compass works is: space moves into the iron from magnetic south and out from magnetic north, then returns to magnetic south in endless cycle. When a compass shows us the direction of magnetic north, it is in reality showing us the direction of deformed space in motion. Space that flows through a compass will expend the smallest possible effort, that’s why space circulation within a compass is forced to follow the same direction as the magnetic field of Earth.



Electromagnetism is also causing space to move in orbit.


Space in circulating motion

When a compass needle is at a right angle to the electric current. This reveals that the space (of a electromagnetic field) around an electric cable, does not move forward in a straight line, but circulates around in a counter clockwise direction.

The compass needle will show that direction.


Protuberances of of the Sun

At the sun we have the so-called protuberances moving plasma with up to 80.000 Km/t out in space. These will cause a space vacuum to move.

The magnetic field of the protuberances is is up to 4000 gauss.

The global field of the Sun is much weaker (only 2 times stronger than the Earth).


The Sun

We know that the Sun, for short periods of time, has 2 magnetic fields, one in each hemisphere.

Fast motion of plasma that pulls space at the Suns equator behind it self, and therefore induces a (circulating) magnetic field.


The Solar Wind

The solar wind is not only plasma in motion, but also (deformed) space in motion


The Solar wind drives the magnetic “dynamo” of the Sun.

Matter (plasma) in motion = also pulls a space vacuum in motion, and therefore a magnetic field.

The MF of the solar win will after to have travelled billion of kilometre return back to the Sun ( to the Magnetic North Pole)


When solar wind is dominating the Northern thermosphere, it will also dominate the global MF of the Sun, and the same is the case for the Southern hemisphere.

When the magnitude of the Northern and Southern hemisphere are equal, the Sun’s magnetic south pole will be twisted around the Sun and the Sun will have 2 magnetic North poles.

Periodical the 2 magnetic field will integrate into one, and then again be divided and united to one magnetic field.

So the Sun have in reality 2 magnetic fields, but the magnitude of these are most of the time unequal.


The magnetic field lines in a coronal hole extend out into the solar wind rather than coming back down to the Sun’s surface as they do in other parts of the Sun.More here


We know that the magnetic field around the suns is twisted / entangled around the sun. What really happens is that deformed space follows the rotation of plasma of the Sun, and hence get twisting around the Sun.

At a certain point the resistance from gradually increasing twisted space causes sunstorms to emerge (plasma to be thrown out in space with huge velocity).
At the surface of the sun plasma moves with 2000 m/s. Plasma rotation at the surface of the Sun is the source to the 11 years sunstorm periods.

The deeper below the surface of the Sun space is twisted, the more time it takes to release. Simple because the plasma velocity is slower and because of plasma is stronger bound due to pressure and gravity attraction.

This can easy explain the variation of the sunspot / sunstorm activity during 100 years periods, shown in the image above.

Extreme Magnetic fields


We don’t know why magnetars and pulsars creates very strong magnetic fields.
This theory claims it is due to extreme fast motion of matter.


Fast motion of matter is also responsible for strong magnetic field
in the inner area of galaxies. English Danish


As well as responsible the cause of strong magnetic jets here and here

image description

Magnetic Field at the edge of the Solar system here and here


Fast motion of matter also is the cause of mysterious
magnetic fields in galaxies here and here


All motion of matter creates magnetic fields. Magnetic fields are always circuit (of space in motion) .

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