4. Relativistic Resistance - (RR)


We know that matter and space somehow is connected. Even a grain of sand affects and deforms the whole Universe.

Therefore even moving a grain of sand, means that the whole Universe must be affected and (so-called) space-time disturbed everywhere.

Allready because of this simple reason is difficult to understand why it still today is believed that motion in space is possible without any resistance.

Deceleration due to Resistance Against Motion (RR) .

An object’s speed increment causes energy and therefore also mass increment. Due to mass increment, the curvature of space near a moving object also increases.

Space resists deformation (e.g. the release of tension of space results in a gravitational wave). There are several reasons to believe that the Lorentz transformation (which mean that speed (motion) of an object converts to; mass/kinetic energy) is a reversible process. Space must have some kind of elastic nature woven together with matter.

So the Lorentz transformation is also an expression of the tension increase of space that a fast-moving object exerts. When the force (causing the speed of an object) stops, speed-related tension on space is automatically released too, so the Lorentz transformation factor is also a resistance factor. Relativistic resistance is a reversible process, and the Lorentz equation reflects the magnitude of resistance against motion and the magnitude of possible deceleration at the same time.

Thus this article claims Lorentz transformation factor on the one hand is the factor responsible for how much tension speed of an object is causing on space (due to M and E increase) but on the other hand the same transformation factor is also a factor reflecting the resistance against motion. It only requires a slight modification of the same equation to understand the resistance aspect mathematically.  Notice sometime the result of RR is deceleration and sometimes only a speed deducting factor. It depend on circumstances.

We will refer to this as Relativistic Resistance (RR).

Read more in the book  “Modified Theory of Relativity”



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