11. Relativity & The Universe

The Theory of Relativity will fall apart in 2016

Let’s also take a look at what was the foundation for the theory of reality.

  • Lorentz Transformation
  • Maxwell’s Equations
  • Michelson Morley experiment.

In the mid-1800´s there was a widespread belief that light was moving in an elastic ether. The idea was that space may possess an elastic property. Its the same property characterized by the elastic structure of space

The nature of the so-called ether and the gravitation field of earth is the same. The gravitational field of Earth follow the motion of the Earth.  This must have huge consequences for the theory of relativity.
In a gravitational field, – time and distances are both gradually stretching , the deeper a we get . This include the ruler, – (as demonstrated by the before mentioned thought experiment).

We have turned our understanding of cosmological redshift ‘on its head’.   The EM- absorption-spectre is not expanding with time (while a photons travel to the Earth from a distance star), – It is something completely different that happens.

The EM-spectre here on Earth is instead getting gradually more blueshifted with time (compared to before). Due to release of space-tension (after Big Bang). This is what so-called Dark Energy really is. Thus space is redrawn to a relative tension free stage, and therefore the ruler and time (each second) shrinks so long as so-called Dark Energy dominate..



Even though a good part of GRT has been pulled apart, – a good part of the theory is remains intact. Time dilation inside a gravitational fields as well as consequences by fast space travel will remain almost intact, except the fact that we will be forced to realized that the ruler always is stretching proportional with the ‘stretch’ of time, and that this relativistic effects on space-travel  (relative motion) only can be correct understood in an absolute motion frame of reference..

Theory of Relativity & Conflict with Science.

  • The Theory of Relativity has always been inconsistent with quantum theory.
  • The universe is not uniform (based on WMAP)
  • Dark Energy and Dark Matter is completely misunderstood
  • Quasars are not on the redshift-distances .
  • The cause of Cosmological Redshift is never verified by any scientific method.
  • Black holes light information can not disappear. Many believe they do not exist.
  • We know that the distance to the Moon (or Sun) not is effected by the claimed expanding Universe.
  • No force could have force all the energy of the universe into a tiny little “dot”.
  • A hole found in the Universe with a diameter of 1 billion light years here, this contradict the prevailing Big Bang thesis and expanding Universe.
  • So called; “Dark Flow” here contradict the expanding Universe thesis.
  • Dark Flow here
  • WMAP here
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