8. Space Probe Anomalies

In the chapter, – ‘Orbit Dynamics’ it was shown that motion away from DFA, will cause less RR, but at the same time, and as a consequence the Effective Dark Flow Acceleration will increase. (Read the chapter Orbit Dynamic )

By opposite orbit motion (when moving towards north), the objects feel a decreased RR and will therefore increasingly be affected by a stronger Effective Dark Flow Acceleration (EDFA). ( EDFA is now exposed).  This influence is also causing deceleration. EDFA is responsible for such deceleration. The magnitude will be calculated at this paper here


An object (for example spacecraft Q) moving (north) opposite DFD is affected by a relatively weaker RR than Earth and is consequently affected by larger EFDA to-wards the DFD (due to DFA). 


This mean all orbit inclination more than +/- 45° relative to the plane of elliptic north/south axis will lead to orbit collapse, – due to exposed EDFA.

In addition to hat also RR and DFA effects such orbits.

Read more in the book “Modified theory of relativity”.


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