9. The Nature of Space

The theory which follows in this text stems from the idea that the notion of space curvature is better understood as “stretched space”, and that it is the exact same property responsible for the (so-called) expansion of the Universe.


One benefit our new found understanding is that it leads us to a clearer understanding of the cause of gravity. When matter contracts space, the space between objects becomes increasingly deformed “thinner”, and hence space between the bodies will be ‘lacking’. – Can it really be that simple?


When 2 objects approach each other the acceleration due to gravity (ADG) between the two objects decreases while the stretch of space in that central region increases.
Decreased ADG does not mean decreased force of gravity – but only that two gravitational fields are into a unification process and that the two connected gravity properties are changing.

We simply don’t know what ‘curved space’ really is. It seems improbable that space really would have two completely different and independent deforming properties.

  • Curvature of space
  • Expanding Space.

This article will show what happens when we equate these apparently different properties. In doing so the properties will be united into one simple concept; “a flexible space”, which means that space is not quite as mysterious as before,


The claim of Isaac Newton that ‘there is a force of attraction between bodies’ could just as well be the force which is responsible for the stretching space, whereby the same elastic screeching nature is the cause of gravity.

The co called ‘curvature of space’ leads us to think that there may be some link between matter and space. Put simply, this is because space curves are proportional to the amount of matter in a gravitational field. Even though we cannot see space its nature must somehow be linked or connected to matter.

In looking into this it leads us to ask questions about gravity. The currently accepted understanding of what space is, is suitable purely for mathematical/geometric purposes. The new stretch-expression is more suitable for our mind.

Understanding space in a stretching framework sets us to better understand what happens to space in the presence of matter.

The question of how matter causes space to curve, deform, or stretch will remain the same. The chapter ‘quantum physics’ will give a good suggestion as to how this might be possible. There it will be shown that the force driven by the spin of elementary particles can be responsible for spinning space together and thereby absorbs (and become matter). The lack of space (near matter) is the cause of space curves / stretch towards matter.

This mean Matter = contracted / absorbed space, and as a result space ‘density’ around (and inside) a object is lacking. Therefore a gravitational field is a “space-vacuum”, and space is stretching towards matter.

Following this simple main thread will make it possible to understand the Universe as a coherent whole, where big mysteries disappears as was these only moisture under the sun.

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